SilencerCo Hybrid 46M Suppressor




SilencerCo hit a home run with this product.  Basically it is the only suppressor you will need to cover a broad range of calibers in any shooting conditions.  The 46M is a light, compact and modular suppressor with the versatility to use on most rifles, handguns and full-automatic weapons.  The 46M will allow the shooter to remove the front module of the unit which provides the shooter with a shorter and lighter suppressor body capable of effectively suppressing all centerfire pistol cartridges.  The compete unit will provide the shooter with the capability to shoot a wide range of rifle calibers including 5.56/223, 45ACP, 10MM, 458 Socom, 45-70 up to the 460 Weatherby Magnum. Both configurations are full-auto rated and broad range of accessories are available such as caliber specific end caps and thread-on or lug type mounting options.  The weight of the 46M ranges from 12.2-14.9 Ounces, is 5.78 to 7.72 in length and has a 1.57″ diameter.  The 46M comes with all the tools you need to change configurations and a comprehensive owners manual.

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