Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Snake River Arms Co. is a Federally Licensed store front dealer open to the public and we have sold several hundred firearms to many satisfied customers.

It’s easy.  All you need to do is call us or send an email informing us that you are interested in a particular firearm or accessory.  All modern firearms must be shipped to a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer in your State and you can send a copy of that license with your payment or your dealer may prefer to fax it to us directly.  Be sure and have them write your name and their phone number on the FFL in case we need to call them to clarify any information on the license.   We only ship firearms and accessories to citizens residing in the United States.  If you are not familiar with dealers in your local area you may use the ‘Find A Dealer’ feature under ‘For Buyers’ on the home page.  Type in your zip code and a list of dealers, their address and the fees they charge for transferring a firearm will be displayed. It will be the buyers responsibility to provide a legible copy of the local dealers license before firearms are shipped. Purchasers in the State of Idaho may come to us directly for an over-the-counter sale which will include 6.5% sales tax.

Postal Money Orders or Certified Cashiers Checks ship the fastest.  We do accept personal or business checks however there will be a 2 week delay for bank clearance of those payments.   Keep in mind that the prices listed for our firearms reflect a 3% cash discount that cannot be earned by paying with a credit card.  If you pay by credit card, please add 3% to the price of the firearm and shipping. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover cards.   Pay Pal IS NOT AN OPTION!!! They do not allow the purchase or sale of any firearms or firearms accessories and even if they did, we will not support any entity who has taken the ANTI-GUN side of the fence.


The buyer will pay shipping costs as mentioned in the description of each item.  Shipping  will vary depending upon the value and weight of the firearm and the destination. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii are typically higher so please contact us for calculation of the cost.   Please inform your dealer that we will include a copy of our FFL along with your invoice in our shipment.

We offer a 3 day return policy on all used firearms if, in your opinion, they are not as described, but none on new firearms.  The buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance for the actual value on all returns.  We inspect all new firearms very carefully for shipping damage.  We also serve notice to all buyers of used firearms that they are solely responsible for determining that a used gun is safe to shoot.  The firearms offered have not been test fired but have been given a visual inspection only for sale purposes.  It is highly recommended that a buyer have every used firearm inspected by a qualified gunsmith before firing.  By purchasing, the buyer agrees to hold the seller harmless against damages, injury or death caused by defective merchandise.


Yes, the link to Lipsey’s LLC will open a shopping opportunity to hundreds of firearms and accessories that we may not have in our inventory.  All you need to do is find what your are looking for, call us or send an email and we will provide you with a quote on the firearm or accessory you are interested in.  If you want to order a particular item contact us  to make arrangements.  Please keep in mind that many of the newer model firearms are on allocation to dealers or may be out of stock.  We can back order any item for you.

You need to check with your local FFL dealer to determine if there are any firearms restrictions in your State particularly dealing with magazine capacities, calibers or thumbhole stocks.  We offer a free exchange of low capacity magazines, when available, for those in restricted areas such as California, Massachusetts, and  Hawaii, etc.

Please keep in mind that management of a website is a very time consuming process.  We receive and sell many firearms each month and that is why it is important that you contact us to make sure the firearms are still available.

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