Rock Island Armory 1911 A2 22 TCM Armscor 22TCM

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This is Rock Island Armory’s new 1911A2 chambered in 22 TCM which stands for Tuason-Craig MicroMagnum. 

It features a 2-Dot Adjustable rear sight, 17 round magazine and a 9MM barrel for a caliber conversion. 

The 22 TCM was designed by necking down a 9MM case to .22 caliber and it sends a 40 grain bullet down range at 2,100 FPS. 

According to one early review, “IT DID THINGS TO A WATERMELON THAT WOULD PUT A .45 TO SHAME.”  

Armscor is manufacturing ammunition for the 22TCM in Stevensville, Montana and it is readily available at a very affordable price. We have ammunition in stock for this hot rod.   We accept bank cashiers’ checks or USPS money orders.  Credit cards add 3%.  Shipping and insurance to your FFL dealer will be $25.00.

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