GemTech Lunar 45 Suppressor

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The GemTech Lunar 45 Suppressor is one of the most efficient and versatile silencing devices on the market.  Its weight varies from 11.3 ounces in the long configuration to 10.1 ounce in the short.  Length is 8.5″ in the long and 6.9″ in the short configuration.  The Lunar 45 is full-auto rated and can be used with any firearm chambered in 9MM, 40S&W, 10MM, 45 ACP and 300 Blackout subsonic.  It is constructed of aluminum and titanium.  Its modular design makes it very easy to clean.  The Lunar 45 ships with a standard .578X28 piston and nylon carrying case.  We make the process of acquiring a silencer EASY. We complete your fingerprint cards, photographs and AF E-Form 4 right in our shop. Stop in and take a look at the other makes and models we have in stock. Thanks for looking!

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